If you are looking at buying a house in Nags Head, Scott Midgette, Outer Banks realtor can help. Nag’s Head is a beautiful town located in North Carolina. It is a great place to settle down in a new home, whether you are an outdoor or comfort oriented person. The area is beautiful, and newcomers are always raving about the amazing homes and location. If you are unaware of all that Nag’s Head has to offer, we go over the town here.


Nags Head was likely named after one of the many English towns of the same name located on Britain’s coast. However, there is also a folklore explanation that states that nefarious thieves would hang lanterns on mules’ (also known as nags) heads in order to lure ships ashore to crash, so that they could loot their cargo. In fact, the town’s emblem depicts one of those very horses. Most of the town’s history has been forgotten over time, and it shifted to a resort economy starting in the 1830s. Originally, the town was marked by high sand dunes that were visible even from sea. Today, those have mostly been built over, with Jockey’s Ridge being the last vestige of those dunes still untouched and visible.


Nag’s Head is a great place to settle down no matter what type of person you are. As of the 2010 census, the city had 2,757 people, 741 families, or 1,223 households. The population density at this time was 413.2 people per square mile. As you can see, the town is just sparse enough to have a direct line to nature whenever you want, but still populated enough to have local attractions and amenities. It is a great area, safe and with good schools for people considering raising a family. Singles will find a fun and engaging community, split about evenly between genders in regards to population size.


There are plenty of attractions for you to enjoy in Nag’s Head, no matter your taste. Here are just a few of them to mark off of your list.

  • Jockey’s Ridge State Park — We mentioned that Jockey’s Ridge was the only undisturbed sand dune from the original site. Now, you can enjoy it as a state park. You’ll find great, wide open views of the sea and surrounding land. Feel the sand between your toes and relax at this beautiful destination.
  • Bodie Island Lighthouse — If you are a naval buff, then you will want to check out the Bodie Island Lighthouse. It was the third beacon in the area meant to help ships make it safely to shore, and still stand today. Although, it has had to be rebuilt a few times, like when the Confederate troops burned it down in 1861.
  • Jennette’s Pier — There are plenty of piers to choose from in Nags Head. Make sure to add Jennette’s Pier to the list. Not only is there great fishing, but you can find information on charters and tours.
  • Zipline and Aerial Adventure Parks — Do you like action? Well you can enjoy Nag’s Head’s scenic views while zip lining across a wide open sky! There are lots of other fun things to do at this adventure park as well. Even if you never end up moving to Nag’s Head, this attraction is one that you will want to mark off of your bucket list.

Hopefully we have piqued your interest about this wonderful town. If you are looking at buying a house in Nag’s Head, let Scott Midgette, Outer Banks Realtor help you. For more information about our realty services, please do not hesitate to give us a call at your earliest convenience.