Looking for the perfect home for you in Nags Head?

If you are looking for real estate in Nag’s Head, there are many beautiful homes and locations to choose from. This beautiful area is a vaunted vacation destination for a reason. The high sand dunes, that used to be visible for miles from sea, make up a beautiful promontory, allowing for gorgeous views from just about anywhere in the area, land or sea.

The origin of the name “Nag’s Head” is unknown, but it is likely a nod to the multiple Nag’s Heads that can be found across the pond in England. However, one popular folk tale goes that horses (known as nags) were equipped by thieves with lights to lure boats onto shore and crash, so that they could loot the wreckage. Nowadays, the emblem of the town features a depiction of a horse from this very tale.

Since the 1830s, the town has been an extremely popular resort area. Development has mostly covered the sand dunes in the area, with Jockey’s Ridge being the only area of the dunes still visible by sea, as with the first explorers in the region.