Enjoy our fun list of home learning, craft projects and more for you to implement into your daily home schedule. Learning as a family is a great way to ease stress and create memories.

Education & Learning

Home Classroom

While the kids are home from school, create a fun, educational space in your home. Get the whole family involved in making your own classroom.

Create a Garden

Create a vegetable garden while learning about plants. There are some great DIY garden resources through this link.

Family Book Club
Start a book club and read something that everyone gets to enjoy! Story hour is also a great way to engage the entire family and develop a love for reading. View this resource.

Art Projects

  • Coloring-find free printable color templates here.
  • Virtual Art classes
  • Make a scrapbook
  • Create a time capsule
  • Design paper airplanes
  • Make slime, click here for recipe


Family Fun Activities

  • Create a camping experience in the living room
  • Puzzles
  • Cook a new recipe as a family
  • YMCA online fitness classes
  • Make decorations, curate a song playlist, and throw a family dance party.



It can be stressful when the entire family has to stick close to home but with a little bit of creativity and a schedule of things to keep busy, it can be fun!