Your home is likely the biggest investment you will make in your life. Because of that, you should not take your decision to sell lightly. Many people jump head first into selling their house, only to realize halfway through that they’ve gone in over their head.

The last thing you want is to find out that you over or undersold your house, or to be stuck in limbo with your house on the market indefinitely. Usually, the best way to sell your house at a good price is to hire a professional realtor. But even before you do that, there are things you should consider before deciding to sell. Here, I’ll go over how to determine when to sell your home.

Determine the Market

You’ve probably heard the terms “buyer’s market” and “seller’s market” thrown around before. They’re usually used in generalities, which can be confusing, because there is no real national housing market, but rather an amalgamation of regional housing markets. This means that to determine whether you’re in a buyer’s or seller’s market, you’ll have to look at state, county, and city trends. When researching market conditions, cover all your bases. Talk to a professional, do your own research, and trust your gut.

Inspect Your Home

Before you take any steps to put your home on the market, you need to know what condition it is in. Not only does this help you determine your home’s value, but also lets you know where repairs and improvements are necessary. Taking care of these before trying to sell your house, rather than passing them on to the buyer, greatly increases your chances of selling your home.

Create a Game Plan

Now that you’ve gotten all of the research out of the way, it’s time to start using all the information you’ve learned. First, you want to decide whether it’s worth putting money into repairs and improvements to your house to raise its asking price. Next, you need to decide on the value of your home, what your asking price will be, and how you plan to handle any negotiations. You’ll also need to decide whether you’ll use a real estate agent, and if so, how to go about finding one.

I have over 25 years in the construction and real estate industries. Known as a “true outer banker”, born and raised in an area so beautiful as the OBX, it is my pleasure to assist in your dreams of buying an OBX home. If you have any questions about how he can sell your home, don’t hesitate to give me a call today.