When you are looking for a property in the Outer Banks area, trust Outer Banks Realtor, Scott Midgette to find the perfect home to suit your needs. Scott is proud to have helped so many Outer Banks residents find a home that they can be happy with, and there are plenty of wonderful architectural styles to choose from in the area! Some people think they are some of the prettiest in the world. And Scott knows a thing or two about architectural styles. For your benefit, the decision has been made to continue the series overview of different architectural styles around the world here.


French architecture is known around the world for its simple splendor. Its earliest periods birthed the Gothic architecture that we all recognize, but the French architecture of today has taken Gothic architecture and extended the tradition. What is left is an asymmetrical amalgamation of ornate elements that utilize vast space and intricate designs to complete the tone of a home. Although French architecture reached its height back in the 1700s, it is still prominently featured in many upscale neighborhoods around the world.


Named after the Kings, not the state, Georgian architecture gained prominence in the period from the reign of George I back in 1714, to the death of King  George IV in 1830. Unlike asymmetrical French architecture, Georgian architecture is symmetrical in design, with a center passage floor plan. Georgian houses differ slightly in the United States as they do in England, but these marked features are prominent in both places.

Greek Revival

Rising to its highest prominence in the 1700 and 1800s, Greek Revival architecture is a spectacular instance of Hellenism gone right. Hellenism is the study of ancient Greek culture, who made architectural advancements that are still used to this very day. Greek Revival architecture is the last style in the period known as Neoclassical. The term was first coined in by Charles Robert Cockerell in 1842. High columns, multiple levels, and huge open decks are all hallmarks of this beautiful architectural style.


Mediterranean styles were influenced, with no surprise, by the sunny countries prevalent in the Mediterranean sea, including Greece, Italy, and to a lesser extent Spain (sometimes the Mediterranean architecture style is referred to as “Spanish Modern”). The hallmarks of the Mediterranean style are stucco, tile roofs with steep slopes, and heavy landscaping and interior decorating. You can also spot them by their color palette, which is full of salmon, peach, yellow, and other sunny hues. These create a calming, reflective tone reminiscent of a lazy day in the sun.


I hope you enjoyed this second installment in my series. If you are looking for beautiful architecture styles, I have plenty right here in the Outer Banks. When you are looking for real estate in the area, I can assist in making buying a house easy. Feel free to give me a call for more information.