Oftentimes, selling a home can seem very daunting. It was likely one of the biggest investments you have made in your life, so there is not a lot of room for error. If you are looking to sell your home in the Outer Banks, Scott Midgette Outer Banks Realtor is here to help. But in the mean time, here are some tips to help prepare you for selling your home.

Make sure your agent has an online presence

Selling a home is a totally different ball game than it was twenty years ago. Nowadays, 92 percent of people searching for a home are looking almost exclusively online. If your agent doesn’t promote a strong online presence, there will be slim pickings for potential buyers. That means pictures, pictures, pictures, (and lots of relevant information) to attract people into a viewing, getting a foot in the door.

Additional things to look out for when looking for a real estate agent are whether they are willing to go over contracts with you, as well as whether or not they are familiar with the area they are selling in. Here at Scott Midgette, Outer Banks Realtor, we’ve been working in the Outer Banks for years, and are committed to working with you to find a great buyer for your home.

Find storage and clear out clutter

It should stand to reason that a messy or cluttered home is not going to attract potential buyers. But it goes beyond just being clean. When you present your home to prospective buyers, you want them to both be able to see what the space can do, while leaving enough to the imagination that they can picture their own style of living. This is why many sellers prefer to hire a home staging company to create a minimalist style that achieves this effect.

Promote yourself as well

The thing about making a sale is you never know where a potential lead will pop up. Real estate agents may be your best bet, but that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t throw out some other lines if you have the time. In the internet age, this can be as easy as some social posting and networking, but could also extend to networking with neighbors to find someone who fits into the community.

Take advantage of upgrade opportunities

Your home appraisal will largely determine what it sells for. The best way to increase its appraisal value is to renovate or upgrade your home. Obviously, this is really only a possibility if you have a significant savings, but if you do you can get a decent return on investment. Kitchen and living room updates tend to raise the value the highest.

Be ready to open your home

Nobody buys a home from a picture; people need to see a house to make sure it is worth the investment. While open houses and showings can be a hassle, especially if you lead a busy life, every single viewing increases your chances of a sale. This means regular, scheduled open times for viewings, and be prepared to set aside extra time when possible for prospects that can’t make the time window.

Listen to a qualified agent

Once you’ve done your research, and found an agent with a successful track record, take careful consideration of their recommendations. You learn a lot working in the housing market, and if your agent has the reputation to back up their work, there is probably good reason for their advice.


If you are looking for a trusted, reputable realtor in the Outer Banks, then give me a call. I will be happy to answer any questions you have about how I can help you sell your home fast, and at a great price.